Age of Aquarius by Tashi Grady Powers

The precession of the equinoxes is not astrological lore, it is astronomical fact, based on how the Earth’s axis moves slowly precesses, and is measured against the background of the fixed stars.

We are moving out of the age of Pisces, and into the age of Aquarius.  “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…harmony and understanding, peace and brotherhood…. Aquarius….”

The Precession of the Earth’s Axis

Pisces is about domination/submission, victim/martyrdom, and Aquarius is about equality, fraternity and unconditional acceptance and strategic alliance.  We must align our goals and help each other by holding hands to reach these goals.  We simply must stop trying to dominate each other. The new myth that is emerging is one of reflection… mirror reflecting awareness.  How are we perfect mirrors for each other?  How can we learn from each other?  We must face ourselves in the mirror.

In “Solstice Shift”, author Jean Houston shares this story about Joseph Campbell

Jean Houston, “The Sacred Wounding” Chapter for Solstice Shift

I knew Joe very well. I knew him as a young student, he was a research subject of mine, a colleague, and I knew him after he died. It was October of 1987. I had spoken that evening at the Museum of Natural History in New York, at the celebration honoring the life and work of Joseph Campbell, who just died. While resuming home I found myself being pulled into sleep, as if something was requiring that I enter a dream world, and I do it immediately. As soon as my head hit that pillow I was asleep, and I was in a dream. Although it was a simple dream, it disturbed me greatly. In fact, I fought the pillow all night. In my dream Joseph Campbell came to me, his face was gray and long and he said,”Jean, come to Upper Riverside Drive and help me with a correspondence.” I said Joe, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to be at all these different companies. I can’t possible come help you with your correspondence. Your almost eighteen years behind in your correspondence. I’ll send somebody else for you. He said “No, it’s you. You’ve got to come.” I sent him my secretary. He sent her back. I sent him another secretary. He sent her back. I called the temp agency. He sent them back. He said, “Jean, come and help me with the correspondence.” This went on all night. Finally, at dawn I agreed. When I arrived, his face got back it’s famous ruddy color and he said, “Ah, now we can really get down to work.” I woke up, my muscles strained, I was black blue but no longer living the dream. In the days that followed, I was haunted by the dream. I hadn’t gotten it. What did it mean? Why Riverside Drive: “Down by the riverside?” Some weeks later I told my dream to an old friend, who is also a wise elder, Marvin Sussman. He said “Well of course; it’s so simple. He means the correspondences. You’re supposed to help him find the correspondences between myth and everything else: myth and history, myth and science, myth and psychology, myth and what’s trying to happen in the world, the pathways from the past and the pathways to this future. My response was a classic shock of recognition: “Right, that’s it.” Indeed why not? Joseph Campbell and I had shared a very long history. I remembered that indeed we had explored many of the correspondences by which myth sheds it’s radiant light on the multiplicity of human [earnings as well as the mysteries of the human heart.

1 Jean Houston: “The Sacred Wounding”

Ken Carey eloquently talks about his experience. “..Why does the earth’s axis point to one of the most conspicuous stars [Polaris] in the sky?…

This convenient alignment, so useful to navigation, might be dismissed as a random anomaly if it stood alone, if it were the only such improbable coincidence involving the positioning of the earth and her nearest celestial neighbors. But there is another. Sun, moon and the shadow of the earth when it falls upon the moon all appear to be the same size…. Who left the moon for a sign? Who pointed earth’s axis at so bright a star?…” “I have seen the sun during total eclipse, when the outline of the moon before its fiery face was of exactly the right size to precisely cover its diameterno more, no less….” The placement of earth, sun, and moon in orbits just the right distances from one another to give creatures on the earth’s surface the illusion that all three are the same size is a stretch of coincidence so enormous I cannot help but read it as a signature.”

Hampton Roads Publishing Company published The Solstice Shift.

Sai Baba is telling his students that the Golden Age has begun.  I see many miracles in my world, amazing healers, and amazing healings taking place.  I believe that we are in this Golden Age now… and I see that we are truly able to experience the unity in diversity and the diversity in the unity.  And we must overcome all pettiness and reach each other with our hearts.

The Aquarian energies of the world wide internet, which connect humanity, have already “dawned.” LOVE IS THE SOURCE AT THE CENTER OF CREATION.  Reach out – help one another!


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  1. Tashi is an enlightened individual, her perceptions are on target and meaningful. She welcomes others contributions and opinions. Jealousy is not in her personal vocabulary. She is an excellent teacher and mentor…. Those that interact with her are ‘aware’ of her realm.

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